Community Groups

Community Groups (CGs) at Citylife emphasize holistic community. Our CGs are centered around the gospel and seek this holistic community through two main avenues:

First, we are communities building intimacy. CGs are the primary place where meaningful relationships can be built. Part of what it means to be human is to be involved in deep, meaningful relationships with others whom you can live life together with. Together we strive to love God with our whole hearts and follow Jesus faithfully. We desire that a sense of family will result!

Second, we are communities moving outward. As much as we pursue community formation within our CGs, we do not want to exist just for ourselves.  We want to have a view towards those around us: neighbors, coworkers, and classmates. And we express a visible witness to the world though both word and deed. Our shared love for God and experience of his grace lead us to actively love our neighbors.


While each group customizes the schedule to meet the needs of the group, generally each will follow the below outline:

Worship/prayer, bible discussion, and fellowship (2 weeks per month)

Fellowship and social event (1 week per month)

Neighborhood-based service or night of prayer (1 week per month)