Session Committees

We need you!

The Session has identified priority topics in our church that need attention, and invite the assistance from the skills and experience of those in our church.

Session Committees are intended to create a framework that uses the gifts and strengths of members to amplify the Session’s efforts and effectiveness in leading our congregation to be more aligned strategically, missionally and financially.

What’s in for you?  We believe that this is one of many parts of your journey – to utilize your gifts and talents that God endowed you with.


Executive: To provide strategic vision and executive direction for the session primarily and staff secondarily. The scope of the committee is to implement best practices to bring operational efficiency throughout the organization. Contact Kwang Kim.

Human Resources: To develop and oversee core HR policies and procedures governing operations of our church and staff. Contact Enoch Minn.

Facilities: To develop a short, mid, and long-term plan (8 months, 2 years, and 5 years) for Citylife’s multiple facilities needs. Contact Paul Fullerton.

Technology: To provide strategic vision for the life-giving application of technology and to coordinate and operationalize related activities across all congregations at Citylife. Contact Mike Saji.

Teaching: To provide strategic vision and oversight for preaching and teaching related activities across all congregations at Citylife. Activities include both lecture style or large group settings and teaching in small group settings such as community groups and discipleship. Contact Cullen Buie.

Finance: To steward the financial resources of Citylife to achieve the vision of the church. Contact Arnold Lee.

Member Care: To provide for the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs for Citylife members. To be actively involved in the lives of our people. Contact Daniel Jeong.

Partnership: To oversee collaboration with organizations and churches in Boston and elsewhere as we seek to broaden Citylife’s effectiveness and opportunities for influence in our city and around the globe. Contact Kurt Richardson.

To get connected to any of our committees, email