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Citylife seeks to participate in the advancement of God’s Kingdom by pursuing culture renewal in the city of Boston and beyond. The Faith and Work forum focuses on equipping Christians to approach their work from a biblical and gospel-centered perspective. This means connecting working Christians with one another for the purposes of networking, mutual support, accountability, and creative thinking, while also mobilizing all working people – regardless of faith commitment – to pursue beauty, excellence, justice, equity, and the common good through their work.

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Discipleship Cohort on Faith & Work Fall 2016

What is discipleship? Discipleship captures the essence of the Christian life. Simply put, disciples are people who follow after Jesus Christ together. Christians are called by Jesus to follow after him in all areas of life. As a church community, we desire to create more space for us to follow after Jesus together, which is where Discipleship Cohorts comes in.

If you are interested in joining a discipleship cohort related specifically to your faith and work, please email Brice //

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Serve the Work: Closing the Gap between Sunday Worship & Monday Work

In partnership with TGC New England and the Made To Flourish Network you are invited to join us for this one-day pre-conference focused on faith and work. Our vision is to help both pastors and professionals close the gap between Sunday morning and Monday work, and we have an amazing group of leading thinkers to help us accomplish this.

To volunteer, email Brice //

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Brice Williams

Director of Faith & Work

Brice Williams is the Director of both Mercy Ministry and Director of Faith & Work at Citylife Presbyterian Church in Boston, MA. Brice completed his Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies at Trinity International University and his Master of Arts (Theology) at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Brice lives in the Boston area with his wife Leona and their daughter Grayce.