Check-In FAQ

What is Church Center?

Church Center is a mobile and web app from Planning Center and is one of the fastest ways to stay connected! Church Center is designed specifically for Citylife and we plan to keep adding more features over the coming months.

How can I access Church Center?

You can download the app on Android or iPhone or go to to view on your web browser.

How do I join and/or view the Church Directory?

For security, the Directory is open only to members. We want people to feel open and safe to have any of their information in the Directory. We felt that limiting it to members is a helpful way to do so! If you are a member you should already be able to see the directory in Church Center. There should also be a ‘Share now’ button if you would like to have your information listed.

Is my information secure?

Yes! Planning Center is a church management software trusted by over 60,000 churches. You can view their Congregant Privacy policy here: Additionally, you choose what information shows in the directory, if any at all, and you are able to add, edit, or remove information at any point.

What is the Check-in tab for?

Starting Sunday, 11/21 we are asking every person attending church in-person to check-in before service. The Check-in tab allows you to pre-check into service as early as 7am. Church Center will then give you a barcode that you will scan when you arrive. You will also be able to use your phone number to check in if you don’t have the Church Center app installed, however, we hope most people use the app as it should streamline our check-in process. It is important to remember that if you pre-check in you are not fully checked in until you scan your code at arrival!

Why are we doing Covid Check-ins?

Many of our members and attendees have been asking for an added layer of security for Covid safety reasons. Before this, we did not have a way to contact visitors if there is a positive Covid case.

Why don’t we just go back to registering for Church?

It is very hard to make sure that everyone has registered before they come to church. While we already had plans to roll out Church Center at some point, this seemed like a great use for the technology we have at hand. It helps us to catch more people and gives us a better idea of who is at church each week.

What will Covid Check-ins look like?

When you arrive there will be Check-in stations. Two of them will be on iPads and will be our Self Check-in stations. There will also be one Visitor station which will be manned by the Welcome Team. The Self check-in stations are where you will scan your barcode in Church Center or type in your phone number. Until we get the hang of things, there will also be someone available to direct and answer questions.