About Citylife Presbyterian Church

Citylife Church seeks to expand God’s Kingdom in the city of Boston and beyond. We hope to bring renewal in every sphere of life by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our desire is to foster a community of love that reaches out with the historic Christian truths of the Gospel. We welcome skeptics, seekers, and those who share the church’s vision to be a Gospel-oriented, outwardly-faced community of God’s grace.

Confessional Statement Vision for Ministry

What is the Gospel?

The gospel, the grand story of God’s grace, is this: For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23), but because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy (Eph 2:4), made us alive with Christ through his righteousness (Rom 5:18-19) so that we might become the children of God (Jn 1:12).

Gospel for all of life What is the Gospel?

Citylife’s History & Connections

Citylife Church is a new church for the city of Boston. The launch team began meeting weekly for prayer with Dr. Stephen Um during the fall of 2001. From its first morning worship service in January 2002, Citylife has rapidly grown into a vibrant, multi-ethnic congregation that seeks to reach the needs of the city. Citylife isn’t new in the structure of its beliefs, however. Citylife wholeheartedly embraces the historic Christian faith expressed in all the ecumenical creeds of the universal church (e.g., the Apostles’ & Nicene Creeds).

Citylife Church is also committed to the historic Presbyterian form of the Christian tradition by its subscription to the Westminster Confession of Faith. We are affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America. Citylife also subscribes to the following documents of The Gospel Coalition, of which Dr. Um is a Board Member: The Gospel For All Of Life: Preamble, Confessional Statement, Theological Vision for Ministry. Citylife is a church plant of Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Cambridge and is part of the church-planting network of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City.