Regathering Update – January 2022

Dear Citylife Church,

Over the past few weeks we have been in communication with the Boston Public Health Commission regarding the Proof of Vaccine Mandate.  They have recently informed us that even though we meet at an event venue, because we gather as a church (house of worship) the mandate does not apply to us. We have since communicated this information with the Revere. 

In light of these developments the Session has met and prayerfully decided that we will no longer check vaccination status for our in-person worship service at the Revere. This will go into effect this Sunday, January 30th.

Over the last few weeks we have heard from a number of you regarding this issue and are grateful for your feedback. We are also aware that this change might make some feel relieved or glad, and others may be confused or upset.  We will have time at our church-wide meeting on Sunday to share more and also hear from you. But, as always, feel free to reach out to an elder or pastor if you would like to talk, or email to share your questions or thoughts with the Session. 

Thank you for your grace and patience during this season, and we continue to need your prayers for us as we seek God’s wisdom.

Your servants in Christ,

Citylife Session