Thank you Hope Fellowship Church!

We’d like to thank Hope Fellowship Church for hosting us for the past 12 months. During the pandemic, we were not able to meet at our usual gathering places and had to scramble until Hope Fellowship Church kindly invited us to their facility. Our recording sessions on Thursdays were only made possible because of this tremendous act of service. They welcomed us like family with no condition and showed us what it means to be bothers and sisters in Christ. We are so thankful for Pastor Curtis and the rest of staff at Hope Fellowship for granting us Christ-like generosity and hospitality. We look forward to pressing on in our kingdom work together in partnership for His glory and the good of our neighbors.

– Citylife Presbyterian Church

*Additional Personal Notes:

Hope Fellowship leadership,

Thank you so so much for your generosity and hospitality. I can’t imagine what our church life would’ve been like this past year if it weren’t for your help. You taught us what it means to live out the ways of the gospel as you fully embraced us in our most needy state. I pray that God would continue to bless the work that He is doing in Cambridge through your presence. I also pray that we’ll continue to have opportunities to partner together in the gospel in the near and far future! 


– Rev. Ben Bae, Assistant Pastor

Dear Hope Fellowship Church,

My name is Ryan Hwang and I’m on the music team at Citylife Church. I just wanted to say thank you for being so generous to our church by allowing us to record our services on Thursdays so we could help our congregation worship. The pandemic was hard for many people and personally, I felt very lost and disconnected when it started. However, coming together to worship and record on Thursdays at Hope with the other music team members was so amazing and I will never take it for granted. “Thursday recordings at Hope” were always the highlight of my week and being a part of a small portion of the church body was something I missed so much. Even though we will be heading back to our original space now, I will always be praying for your church and I can’t wait to see the amazing things you guys will do for the city and the world!

– Ryan Hwang, drummer

Hope Fellowship, thank you for making space for us to continue our worship. Your hospitality and generosity truly are a light of Jesus and give glory to the Father in Heaven. 

– Ryan McReynolds, inactive elder

Dear Hope Fellowship Church,

It’s so crazy to think that Citylife has been using your facilities for over a year now due to the pandemic. We just want to thank you so much for your generosity and your hospitality towards us. When we had to transition to online services over a year ago, I remember we were scrambling and we even recorded a few services in our cramped church office downtown. Your church building became home and church for many of us who regularly went to pre-record our Sunday services. Although this past year has been marked by a lot of uncertainty and mourning for our church, you all at Hope have blessed us immensely. One might look at it as just renting out a space on a weekday evening for free, but many of us saw it as an acknowledgement of a co-laboring in Christ, a recognition that although we are separate churches, we are working towards the same thing – the glory of God to be magnified in our city. We cannot express our gratitude enough, and we are moved by the willingness with which you all have extended your resources to us. We hope to continue to partner and co-labor with you, as we strive to be a holy people, marked by the same sacrificial and costly love of our Savior, that you have reflected to us this past year. We love you, our family in Christ, and we pray that God blesses your church and ministry tenfold.

– Yoonju Cho, worship leader

While we were going through the season of uncertainty and mourning, you took us in and welcomed us with unconditional hospitality. Pre-recording on Thursdays at Hope Fellowship Church was one thing that was consistent while there were so many moving pieces. Thursdays became a church for those who came out for pre-recordings. And you continuously assured us we were always welcome at your home. Also I will never forget when you pulled me aside to pray for me and Citylife. Thank you so much for showing us how to be brother and sister in Christ, and we will be looking forward to doing Kingdom works together in future!

– Sam JC Lee, Interim Worship Arts Director