University Ministry City Night Fellowship – 2/18

In the overlooked moments and routines of our everyday life, we are constantly being shaped and formed by our daily habits and practices. Studying in school, going to work, checking your email, spending time on your phone and social media – these aren’t just small habits and practices that we do everyday, but these habits do something to us. Overtime, our daily habits slowly begin to shape our identity – who we are, what we love, and what we live for. As Christians, our ultimate identity is defined as being disciples and followers of Jesus. But what are the daily practices and habits that help form us more and more into becoming Christian disciples?

This fall, we’ll be going through a series at City Night Fellowship called “Liturgy for Life: Cultivating Habits for Spiritual Formation” – where we’ll take a closer look at the spiritual practices/habits that will help us grow as disciples of Jesus during this season of COVID-19. Join us this semester as we seek to learn and do this together in community. 

City Night Fellowship

What? Fellowship, Teaching and Conversations!
When? Thursdays, 7 pm8:15 pm
Where? Join us virtually via zoom. 

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If you’re a university student, join us at our University Ministry City Night Fellowship. Because Citylife is one church made up of students from many college campuses, we gather one Thursday a month to develop meaningful relationships with students across colleges in our city. This is a space where Christians and skeptics are welcome to explore Christianity together as a learning community.