University Ministry City Night Fellowship – 11/19

“The only proper answer to ‘Tell me about yourself’ is to tell a story or a series of stories. By sharing these personal narratives, we come to know one another. We want to understand not only who that other person is now, at this moment, but also how we or she came to be so. What are the experiences, ideas, and people that have shaped their life? Their personal stories gives the context and explains much about their lives. Yet as they continue their conversation, they might ask: Are we left with our own personal stories to make sense of our lives? Or is there a true story that is bigger than both of us, through which we can understand the world and find meaning for our lives? Are our personal stories – apart or together – parts of a more comprehensive story?”
– Craig Bartholomew & Michael Goheen

“The way we understand human life depends on what conception we have of the human story. What is the real story of which my life story is part?” 
– Leslie Newbigin

Join us this Thursday (11/19) at City Night Fellowship @ 7pm for “Jesus & Your Story” – as we seek to grow deeper in relationship with one another and as a church community – as we spend time together sharing and listening to one another’s stories of our own spiritual journey of faith, doubt, and everything in between.

City Night Fellowship

What? Fellowship, Teaching and Conversations!
When? Thursdays, 7 pm8:15 pm
Where? Join us virtually via zoom. 

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If you’re a university student, join us at our University Ministry City Night Fellowship. Because Citylife is one church made up of students from many college campuses, we gather one Thursday a month to develop meaningful relationships with students across colleges in our city. This is a space where Christians and skeptics are welcome to explore Christianity together as a learning community.