Church-Wide Prayer & Fasting

In this season of our church, our Elders, Pastors and Boston Prayer Team invite all our congregations to join together in a season of prayer and fasting.

“In fasting, what begins with experiencing the emptiness of our stomach ends in experiencing the emptiness of the world. In the Bible, fasting is not just to reveal and clarify our own need for God. 

It is to lean into the suffering of the world itself and to long for God to redeem it. This is why the Israelites during the time of Esther fasted; they knew the brokenness and injustice of the throne they lived under, and they longed for God to redeem it.

This is partly why Jesus fasted before he began his ministry. He was sent to undo the fall, and his forty-day fast was an act of longing for the world to be restored by his ministry to come. He emptied himself in a bodily prayer for the world’s fullness.”

– From The Common Rule

Here’s how you can participate:

  1. View the Prayer & Fasting Calendar HERE
  2. Sign up for fasting slot(s) by emailing Multiple people can choose the same slots.
  3. Share your prayer and reflections on the calendar tab to bless one another.
  4. Gather for Sunday Morning Prayer at 9:00 AM to “break fast” together each Sabbath in resurrection hope [info on church-wide weekly newsletter]

Helpful Tips:

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to make you aware of your own heart. If putting your name down and entering into our communal fast publicly is a welcomed, joy-filled desire, feel free to sign up. If fasting publicly stirs up feelings of boasting, self-focus or distraction, you may choose to still fast together but without making it known to others. Whether done privately or publicly, the practice of prayer and fasting should be done in a way that leads us to greater humility and nearness to God.
  • If not yet familiar with fasting, think about starting small! Try one meal in a given week.
  • Fast with a friend or with your CG.
  • If fasting a meal is not feasible, then consider alternatives: e.g. fasting from social media, TV, phone.
  • Have an intentional plan while you fast: seek quiet and alone space, read a passage of Scripture, meditate, pray, journal, sing, etc.

Citylife Prayer & Fasting Guide