University Ministry City Night Fellowship – 11/14

If you’re a university student, join us on Thursday nights this fall semester at our University Ministry City Night Fellowship. Because Citylife is one church made up of students from multiple campuses, we gather monthly to develop meaningful relationships with students across campuses in our city. One Thursday a month, we gather for dinner, worship, and conversation. This is a space where Christians and skeptics are welcome to explore Christianity together as a learning community.

This semester, we’re going through a series called “Questioning Jesus” to complement our church sermon series “Following Jesus.” On Sunday mornings, we’ll be exploring the theme of what it looks like to follow Jesus. But every month at City Night Fellowship, we will consider common doubts and questions surrounding the person of Jesus and engage in raw and honest conversations about faith and life. Everyone who explores Christianity brings heart-felt questions and intellectual doubts shaped by life experiences. We’re all looking for answers, but even more, we’re looking for a safe and open space to ask questions.

Join us this semester as we do this together. We want to hear from you and your experience. We want to learn and see things from your perspective. And ultimately, our goal as a community is to encourage and help each other grow in our own spiritual journeys.

Where: Ruggles Baptist Church (874 Beacon St, Boston, MA)
When: 9/12, 10/17, 11/14, 12/5 @ 7 – 9 pm
What: Dinner, Worship, & Discussion
You & Bring a Friend!