Diaconate Candidate Profiles

Chestnut Hill Candidates

Janet Cha
Chestnut Hill Deaconess

My family started attending Citylife Church 6 years ago. Tom and I soon became members, and our children, Jude and Arden, were baptized here. Our family lives in the South End. With both children at the same school this fall, I am hoping to return to work, focusing on anti-discrimination law. I’m most looking forward to being able to connect on a deeper level with as many members and non-members as possible. I pray that my heart grows wider, my gratitude becomes truer, and my reliance on God becomes stronger. One interesting fun fact: As part of my research on North Koreans and their resettlement into South Korea, I had the privilege of attending a renewal of vows ceremony of a North Korean couple who had been separated and later reunited in South Korea.

Johannah Medeiros
Chestnut Hill Deaconess

I live in Waltham and work in pharmaceuticals as a chemist. My husband Matt and I have attended Citylife for 5 years. I’m most looking forward to helping our church family grow through whatever service is needed. One fun fact is that I’m originally from Wyoming and as there is only ~500,000 people in the whole state, I might be the only person from Wyoming that you ever meet!

Boston Candidates

Elizabeth Demarchi
Boston Deaconess

I’ve lived in Boston for 7 years and been at Citylife just as long. Currently I live in East Boston with my roommate and two cats, Athena and Apollo. By day, I work with adults with disabilities, and on the weekends I harvest herbs from my flower boxes. What I am most looking forward to is two fold: 1) Caring for the needs of the people in our church, and 2) seeing how God uses this time to grow us. I recently traveled to the Galapagos on vacation. I swam with giant marine iguanas, hiked volcanoes and lived the dream!

Tameca Fowling
Boston Deaconess

I live in Cambridge and work at State Street. I’ve been at Citylife for 4.5 years. I’m most looking forward to aiding in the health of our church and building community. Lastly, I’m Jamaican!

Peter Kang
Boston Deacon

I live in East Somerville, and work in Downtown Boston. I have been attending Citylife for 4 years. I am looking forward to getting to know my church family more. One interesting fun fact about me is that I am in the U.S. Army Reserves.

Jessica Kim
Boston Deaconess

I live in Brookline and I work at Boston Children’s Hospital. My family and I have lived in Westborough, MA most of my life. I grew up with my parents and two younger sisters who are in NYC and UMass Amherst respectfully. I moved to Boston for a job in 2015 and have attended Citylife for 4.5 years. I’m looking forward to caring for our church family in a more intentional role. As a recipient of the Diaconate’s love, care, and resources back in 2017 when I was experiencing a difficult time, I cannot wait to express the same heart and humility by serving and carrying burdens with members in need. I know how much of an impact a deacon/deaconess has in a member’s life so I pray that I, too, can honor God through serving others during unexpected times of joy and trial. One fun fact is that I graduated college with Kemba Walker – coming soon to Boston!

Priscilla Kim
Boston Deaconess

I live in Medford and work as a pharmacist at a hospital. My family is in NY, where I’m originally from. I’ve been at Citylife for 8 years: 6 years while in school and 2 years since I’ve moved back to MA. I look forward to caring for the needs of people and the church. One fun fact about me is that I went to my first large venue concert when I was of middle school age after hearing about it from the (Christian) radio station.

Kevin Lai
Boston Deacon

I currently live in the Chinatown area and work as a pharmacist in Boston. I’m originally from NY state and came to Boston for school. I have been at Citylife for 8 years. I’m looking forward to serving the needs of the church, and hope that in doing so I can extend the love of Christ to others, deepen my relationships with those in the church, and grow in my faith. One interesting fun fact: I enjoy a good cup of coffee – always up for recommendations for coffee shops!

Daniel Lee
Boston Deacon

I live on the border of Allston and Brighton. I work at Bose doing new product innovation for the Health Division. I’ve been at Citylife for about 3 years and I look forward to helping to improve some of our church’s service processes. One fun fact about me is that I can’t smell.

Sam Lee
Boston Deacon

I’m originally from Bergen County, NJ and moved to Boston for school. I currently live in Brighton and work as a Lead Recruiter in a recruiting services and search firm. I have been at Citylife for 9 years. I am looking forward to assisting the church and Session in its various ministries and new strategies as they are developing their long term vision. I am most looking forward to seeing how the Spirit works through this change and am glad to be a part of that. One interesting fun fact: I fenced Sabre in high school.

Matthew Phillips
Boston Deacon

I started coming to Citylife in ’09 after moving to Boston for graduate school. I then moved away but returned in 2015. I live in Medford and I work in the Seaport for a consulting firm specializing in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. I’ve been involved in the Mercy Ministry since the team was founded a few years ago. While our mercy team activities are largely focused externally on the needs of our city, I’m very aware that there are needs internally as well and I’m looking forward to serving not only the needs of our city but the needs of our congregation as well. One fun fact is that I’m admired for my oddly comprehensive knowledge of song lyrics.

Abigail Solberg
Boston Deaconess

I’m an Art Director at America’s Test Kitchen living in Cambridge. I’ve been attending Citylife for 10 years. I’m looking forward to serving Citylife during this season of change, and am most excited to be a resource and support for the women in our church. One fun fact about me is that I actually enjoy grocery shopping!

Andrew Van Meerbeke
Boston Deacon

I live in East Boston, and work as a project engineer at Karas and Karas Glass. My wife, Laura, and I have been attending Citylife since 2015, were married in 2016, and just welcomed our baby girl Riley in June of this year. I’m looking forward to easing the workload of the staff and serving the church in any way that I can. One fun fact about me is that I met my wife at church camp.

Karno Widjaja
Boston Deacon

I’ve been living in Cambridge and Somerville for the past 5 years. I’m from Singapore originally, my parents currently live there while my sister is in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been attending Citylife for a little over 3 years. I’m looking forward to serving together with and getting to know more members in the congregation, and to help foster an environment where people feel safe to be honest and vulnerable with each other. One interesting fun fact: My full name consists of 5 words: 3 first names and 2 last names. Not surprising that there’s been confusion in this regard.

Danielle Wong
Boston Deaconess

I live in Cambridge, and work in IT consulting. I’ve been at Citylife for 6 years. Through this role, I’m excited to help out with member care and see how we can follow the Holy Spirit’s vision as we reach out to the greater Boston community. My favorite memory is when I traveled to France and stayed at a monastery run by Protestant and Catholic brothers. They welcomed visitors from different backgrounds, and focused on praising God throughout the day through worship, Scripture, and prayer. It was wonderful meeting friends from different countries.

Jordan Yeo
Boston Deacon

(Jordan Yeo) I’ve been at Citylife for 2 years and live on the North Shore (South Hamilton) where I attend Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. I work part-time both for the school (in the Marketing and Communications office) and for Citylife (assisting Pastor Um). My family resides in NYC. Before I moved to MA, the diaconate at my local church faithfully supported and walked alongside me in a season of crisis. I look forward now to the privilege of doing the same for others. Fun fact: I spent my teenage years living in Southeast Asia.

Chinese Congregation Candidates

Cathy He
CCC Deaconess

I’m a college student at Northeastern University. I’m originally from Shanghai, China. I’ve been at Citylife for a year and half, and Citylife is now my home church and community. I’m looking forward to do my best to serve the church in this role.

Weichuan Xu
CCC Deacon

I am a graduate student at Northeastern University; and I have been at Citylife since September 2019. I am looking forward to helping the pastors to make members of Chinese Congregation have closer relationships in Christ.