“Stations of the Cross” prayer gathering – 3/27

On Wednesday, March 27 we’ll gather as a church to prayerfully journey through the twelve Stations of the Cross. Christian author and visual artist Scott Erickson describes the Stations of the Cross “as a historical practice of Christian pilgrims who sought to retrace Jesus’ finals steps in Jerusalem up to the hill where he was crucified. Wanting to share that practice and experience with people who couldn’t make the trip to the Holy City, they created these stations of meditation that became in itself a tradition…” Here’s a sample of one of the stations we’ll pray through along with Erickson’s artwork, visual aids to help us prayerfully imagine Jesus’ journey to the cross.


“Friend, do what you came here to do.” Matthew 26:50
“The son of man is going to be betrayed into the hands of men.
They will kill him and after three days he will rise.” Mark 9:31

Meditation for prayer
The Son of God was betrayed by a friend.
How did you feel if you’ve ever been betrayed?
Let his betrayal sink into your heart.

We’ll meet at 7pm on the Mezzanine level of the Revere Hotel. We hope you’ll join us and invite friends to participate in this meaningful night of prayer.