City Night Fellowship – 2/14 @ 7pm – Q&A Panel


“What is the baseline narrative on your campus when it comes to dating and relationships? How does Christianity complement or challenge those narratives? What should dating in the church look like?”

This Thursday 2/14 @ 7 pm, our University Ministry will explore the topic of “Friendship, Dating, & Marriage.” We will hear from various members & staff of our church on a Q&A panel as they share their personal experiences and discuss questions related to friendship, dating, & marriage in college and in the church. All questions are welcome! Submit questions on the form below as we explore them together this Thursday.

There will be FREE dinner / refreshments as well as a space for students to connect and build relationships with fellow students from across the city. We hope you join us and consider inviting friends.

Where: Ruggles Baptist Church, 874 Beacon St, Boston, MA (Near St. Mary’s or Fenway T-stops)
When: Thursday, 2/14 @ 7:00 – 9:00

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