Emotionally Healthy Relationships Course

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In the gospel of Matthew, when Jesus is asked to name the greatest commandment that God has given for people to follow, he offers this answer: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  This is the great and first commandment.  And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”  -Matthew 22:37-39

Cityilfe Presbyterian Church intentionally strives to live out Jesus’ life-giving commandments in community together. Our church is presently focused on growing in spiritual health, and our sermon series and Community Group studies revolve around the cultivation of Habits of Grace where we actively love God with our whole selves in every aspect of our lives. As we grow in our active love for God, we will naturally begin to engage all those around us with loving hearts and actions.

But loving others well is incredibly difficult. Many of us have never been taught how to love others well. That’s why Citylife is excited to offer the Emotionally Healthy Relationships Course this spring.

The Emotionally Healthy Relationships Course is a biblically-based discipleship curriculum developed by Peter and Geri Scazzero, married leaders of New Life Fellowship Church in Queens, New York, and the authors of the book, The Emotionally Healthy Church. The EH Relationships course equips people with 8 practical skills to love others well as mature followers of Jesus. Our hope and prayer is that you will learn these skills so well that they become second nature to you and that you carry them into your families, friendships, church, workplace, school and neighborhood. Here’s a brief introductory video by Peter and Geri Scazzero:

Please join us as we strive to grow in our discipleship to Jesus and learn to love others as God has loved us.

 Course Details

What? The Cityilfe Emotionally Healthy Relationships Course

Why? The Emotionally Healthy Relationship Course will provide you with a solid foundation for discipleship that deeply changes peoples’ lives, helping you to learn to live in the new family of Jesus.

Who? All adults are welcome!

  • Married Couples: The skills taught in the EH Relationships Course will powerfully strengthen your marital relationship as you grow in your ability to communicate, resolve conflict, and both give and receive love well.
  • Parents: The EH Relationships Course will provide parents with tools that you can model and teach to your children so that they may grow to be people who love God and others with genuine grace.
  • Singles: The EH Relationships Course will help to strengthen your relationships with your families of origin, with your friends and professional cohorts, and your significant others.
  • Everyone is invited to attend this discipleship course! RSVP required. Please sign up here.

When? The course begins on Sunday, March 18th from 9:00 am to 10:20 am. We will meet for 8 straight weeks, excluding Easter Sunday, April 1st, concluding on Sunday, May 13th.

Where? The Revere Hotel, 6th floor (room to be determined)

Cost? The course is free to all, but attendees are required to purchase 2 books (less than $25 on Amazon):

What can you expect from the course? The Emotionally Healthy Relationships Course is a rich and challenging spiritual endeavor that will equip you with powerful skills to love others well. Such a valuable endeavor will require an investment of your time and relational energy. Every attendee will be assigned to a small group discussion table and will remain with that group for the duration of the 8 weeks. This will enable you to grow in your connection and openness as you learn and practice the relational skills together. To ensure that these relationships are honored, we ask that those who attend RSVP and commit to coming to as many of the 8 sessions as possible. (If you think you will miss more than 3 sessions, that may be a good sign that the course will be too demanding for your schedule.) If you believe that you are unable to make this commitment, then we humbly ask that you refrain from signing up so that the groups will not be hindered.

Contact: If you have any questions about this course, please email Isaac Bruning, Citylife’s Marriage and Family Ministry Coordinator at isaac@citylifeboston.org.