Good Friday and Easter services

Two of our most meaningful services every year are Good Friday and Easter Sunday. They’re very special services in content, feel and aesthetic.

Good Friday is a Tenebrae service (Latin for “darkness”), which is a reflective and even somber service with various liturgical elements (songs, prayers, readings, etc.) focusing on the significance of the death of Jesus Christ. Easter, on the other hand, is a celebration where we rejoice over Jesus’ resurrection and victory over sin and death. The Christian faith hinges on both Good Friday and Easter, so we hope you can join us for both special services. The service times and venues are as follows:

Good Friday :: April 14 @ 7pm on the Mezzanine of the Revere Hotel

Easter Sunday :: April 16 @ 9AM & 11AM on the Mezzanine level of the Revere Hotel

We hope you will join us!

(Please note: Citylife Kids programs will only be provided at Easter Services)